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Do they really need
keyboarding instruction?

When students are more accurate, efficient, confident typists--they can focus on self-expression and sharing knowledge--not searching and pecking.  

Keyboarding Instruction

Our self-paced computer keyboarding instruction uses Keyboarding Without Tears--a fun, award-winning curriculum designed for to make keyboarding a comfortable, automatic skill for young students.   This web-based program teaches grade-appropriate technology skills by using engaging, simple typing lessons and writing activities completed at home.  Students develop keyboarding fluency and correct, efficient typing technique to bring confidence and ease to typed assignments. 

Merriment Keyboarding Instruction Includes:

  • Access to the web-based, self-paced Keyboarding Without Tears program to be completed at home. 

  • Three, 30-minute tutoring sessions with the teacher, in-person or virtual. 

  • Certificate of Completion





Enrollment  Inquiries


Enrollment begins with a free phone consultation.  

Call (206) 293-2110 


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