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READING curriculum

To boost reading progress, confidence, and school performance, Katy bases her reading instruction on the Wired for Reading curriculum.    Wired is an IMSLEC-accredited multi-sensory word analysis program designed to improve reading, spelling, and vocabulary.


Unlike other programs, Wired begins where reading starts--with sounds and phonemic awareness.   Students learn how to identify how our mouths make each consonant and vowel.  Doing so provides the foundation for understanding phonics and the many spelling patterns and complex rules that make up the English Language. 


With engaging letter stories, games, and American Sign Language, students become expert at word decoding, spelling, as we explore the history of how English began along with word origin, morhpono spelling patterns are demystified, and students are empowered to confidently and fluidly decode words when reading and spelling.     

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HANDWRITING curriculum

When students have legible, comfortable, automatic printing, they can focus on the content of their school assignments, rather than how to write letters.   Katy is trained in and draws from the best of a variety of curricula including Handwriting Without Tears, Size Matters, and First Strokes.   Each student receives personalized instruction, tailored to their specific needs and challenges.  Lessons include engaging, playful activities and exercises in a relaxed, nurturing environment.   

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